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Pins and Brooches

  • Flower Spray Brooch
    $50.00 Flower Spray Brooch
    This is a really cute vintage brooch that is easy to dress up or down. The brooch measures 2 inches in diameter. The antiqued gold setting holds jet and black diamond stones. The brooch is in great shape with a few of the...

  • Forstner Shell Cameo Brooch
    $75.00 Forstner Shell Cameo Brooch
    Forstner was in business from the early 1920s until 1980. They were well known for their sterling vermeil and gold filled jewelry. This vintage cameo comes from the Forstner, even though it is not marked. The cameo pin is a...

  • German Enamel Butterfly Brooch
    $45.00 German Enamel Butterfly Brooch
    This is a beautiful vintage butterfly pin. It measures 2.25 inches at it's widest. The pin is very lightweight and easy to wear. The metal brooch is colored with white, green, and blue enamel.

  • Gigantic Snowflake Brooch
    $65.00 Gigantic Snowflake Brooch
    This vintage brooch is huge. It measures 4.25 inches across. This is a definite power piece. It would look fantastic on a winter wool coat or at the waistline of your 'little black dress'. The pin is in good shape with...

  • Gold Ribbon & AB Brooch
    $30.00 Gold Ribbon & AB Brooch
    This sweet vintage brooch has a beautiful gold curled ribbon design. The goldtone metal forms an almost wreath like design that mimics curled ribbon. It is set with beautiful AB rhinestones that just sparkle. The pin...

  • Green Enamel and Goldtone Flower Pin
    $25.00 Choose Options Green Enamel and Goldtone Flower Pin
    This is a large vintage flower pin. It is made of goldtone metal and various shades of hand painted green enamel. It measures 4 x 2.25 inches.

  • Hand Carved Shell Cameos
    $50.00 Hand Carved Shell Cameos
    These are 2 beautiful hand carved shell cameos. The cameos are beautifully carved and in fantastic condition, but they would benefit from being re-set. The settings don't match the beauty of these pieces. Cameo A has a...

  • Haskell Coral Dress Clip
    $90.00 Haskell Coral Dress Clip
    This is an early Miriam Haskell Dress Clip likely dating from WWII. Haskell did not sigh her pieces during this period. This vintage dress clip has hand wired coral beads on an antiqued gold setting. It is stunning. The clip...

  • Hattie Carnegie Daisy Demi Parure
    $135.00 Hattie Carnegie Daisy Demi Parure
    This is an amazing vintage pin set from Hattie Carnegie. The stylized daisys are a brushed gold color set with topaz rhinestones. The large brooch measures 1.5 x 2 inches and the clip earrings are 1.25 x 1. One earring and...

  • Hobe Golden Bow Demi Parure
    $65.00 Hobe Golden Bow Demi Parure
    This is a great set from Hobe dated 1965. The vintage pin and earrings are a great gold tone metal chain shaped into a bow design with 4 small dangles. The pin measures 2.5 x 3 inches and the earrings are 1.5 x .75 inches...

  • J.J. Butterfly Brooch
    $30.00 J.J. Butterfly Brooch
    What a fun brooch. This cute vintage pin will make a great addition to any butterfly collection. It measures 1.75 x 1.5 inches. The wings are orange and yellow glazed porcelain set in gold tone metal.

  • Jet Iron Cross Brooch
    $45.00 Jet Iron Cross Brooch
    This unsigned vintage beauty will be a fantastic addition to any collection. It is a japanned (black enamel) metal set with jet rhinestones. This Iron or Maltese cross is a classic shape that looks great on a jacket. You...

  • JJ Gold Swirl Broock
    $45.00 JJ Gold Swirl Broock
    This vintage brooch is designed by J.J.. The measures 1 3/4 inches. It is a goldtone metal base with a large cluster of Pave set rhinestones. The pin is in great condition and the simple, classic design makes it very...

  • JJ Rhinestone Christmas Tree Pin and Earring Set
    $50.00 Choose Options JJ Rhinestone Christmas Tree Pin and Earring Set
    What a great vintage seasonal jewelry set. This is set is made by JJ, but only the pin appears to be marked. It is a goldtone metal Christmas tree set with various colored rhinestones. The pin is 2.5x2". The clipback...

  • Jomaz Walrus Pin
    $25.00 Jomaz Walrus Pin
    This is a cute little vintage walrus pin by Joomaz. It is only signed with the design number A888. The size is 1 3/4 x 1 3/8". He is in great shape with a small amount of wear to the white enamel on his tusks. This piece is...

  • Jonquil Leaf Brooch
    $50.00 Choose Options Jonquil Leaf Brooch
    This beautiful vintage brooch has stunning jonquil colored rhinestones set in goldtone metal. It is in near mint condition and looks unworn. The pin measures 2.75 x 1.5 inches.