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Pins and Brooches

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  • Marcasite & Glass Flower Pin
    $65.00 Marcasite & Glass Flower Pin
    This vintage brooch is unbelievable. It catches everyone's attention and can be worn in a variety of ways. I can just as easily see it being worn as a mock buckle or as a hair pin. It is made from an antiqued gold setting...

  • Forstner Shell Cameo Brooch
    $75.00 Forstner Shell Cameo Brooch
    Forstner was in business from the early 1920s until 1980. They were well known for their sterling vermeil and gold filled jewelry. This vintage cameo comes from the Forstner, even though it is not marked. The cameo pin is a...

  • Abalone Shell Cameo
    $75.00 Abalone Shell Cameo
    This is an amazing vintage hand carved cameo. The cameo is made from abalone shell and is a hand carved female portrait. The setting has no markings, so I am unsure of the metal. I believe it to be a sterling plate over...

  • Gigantic Snowflake Brooch
    $65.00 Gigantic Snowflake Brooch
    This vintage brooch is huge. It measures 4.25 inches across. This is a definite power piece. It would look fantastic on a winter wool coat or at the waistline of your 'little black dress'. The pin is in good shape with...

  • Sarah Coventry Celebrity Parure
    $80.00 Sarah Coventry Celebrity Parure
    This fantastic vintage parure is by Sarah Coventry and is called Celebrity. This set features in several books on the subject of collectable vintage costume jewellery, including "Fifty Years of Collectible Fashion Jewelry...

  • BSK Gold Leaf Demi Parure
    $65.00 BSK Gold Leaf Demi Parure
    What a fun set from BSK. I've always liked thier pieces and have quite a few in my personal collection. This set does have a slight 'paisley' look to it...which mught explain why I like it so much. The large leaf brooch...

  • Winged Fairy Brooch
    $75.00 Winged Fairy Brooch
    This is a beautiful large vintage fairy pin. The wings are unfoiled and go from a yellow to green. The fairy is silver and is also set with clear rhinestones. She measures over 3 incheas tall and is about 2 inches at her...

  • Purple & Green AB Demi Parure
    $65.00 Purple & Green AB Demi Parure
    This set looks very much like a set I have from Florenza, but this one is unmarked. The vintage demi parure consists of a brooch that measures 1.5 inches in diameter and clip back earring that are just under an inch in...

  • Autumn Crystals Brooch & Earring Set
    $65.00 Autumn Crystals Brooch & Earring Set
    I wish this set had a signature. I would love to know who designed it as it's so fun and unique.The vintage brooch and earrings are made up if autumn colored AB crystals ranging in size from 6mm to 10mm. They are attached to...

  • Hobe Golden Bow Demi Parure
    $65.00 Hobe Golden Bow Demi Parure
    This is a great set from Hobe dated 1965. The vintage pin and earrings are a great gold tone metal chain shaped into a bow design with 4 small dangles. The pin measures 2.5 x 3 inches and the earrings are 1.5 x .75 inches...

  • Kramer Japaned Jet Brooch
    $65.00 Kramer Japaned Jet Brooch
    Kramer did a beautiful job with this brooch. It has such great versatility. The vintage pin has a japanned finish (black enamel) set with French Jet stones. The center stone is faceted, but the rest are domed . The brooch...

  • Art Rootbeer Jellybelly Owl Brooch
    $65.00 Art Rootbeer Jellybelly Owl Brooch
    This is an absolutely adorable little vintage brooch from ART. The pin, which measures 2.5 x 1.25 inches, is in great shape. The little owl has a root beer (topaz) colored cabochon belly with matching eyes. It also has...

  • Napier Milk Glass Leaf Demi Parure
    $65.00 Napier Milk Glass Leaf Demi Parure
    This vintage Napier set is in mint condition. The white milk glass rhinestones are set into a gold tone metal to form a leaf design. The brooch measures 2.25 x 1.5 and the clip back earrings are 1.75 x 1 inches.

  • Czechoslovakian Cameo Brooch
    $85.00 Choose Options Czechoslovakian Cameo Brooch
    What a cute little vintage pin. It is a portrait of a lady on porcelain. The cameo is set in a goldtone metal with filigree detailing. The portrait looks like a transfer with some detailing hand painted on. The back of the...

  • Kramer Purple Brooch & Earring Set
    $85.00 Kramer Purple Brooch & Earring Set
    What a spectacular vintage demi parure by Kramer. This set is made up of crystal clear and amethyst purple colored rhinestones. The stones are set in a silver, likely rhodium, plated metal. The set is in awesome shape with...

  • Antique Guilloche Enamel Bar Pin
    $65.00 Choose Options Antique Guilloche Enamel Bar Pin
    This is beautiful antique bar pin. The pin is likely Victorian or Edwardian, but it is unmarked. It has a lovely Guilloche enamel in white, teal and royal blue. The enamel is in perfect condition and the design is still...

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