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Vintage Jewelry

  • Sarah Coventry Celebrity Parure
    $80.00 Sarah Coventry Celebrity Parure
    This fantastic vintage parure is by Sarah Coventry and is called Celebrity. This set features in several books on the subject of collectable vintage costume jewellery, including "Fifty Years of Collectible Fashion Jewelry...

  • Sarah Coventry Versailles Demi Parure
    $60.00 Sarah Coventry Versailles Demi Parure
    This is a beautiful vintage Sarah Coventry set. The set, called Versailles, where in the Lady Coventry Catalog, of the 60's. The Lady Coventry Catalog was Top of The Line Jewelry and much more expensive than the Regular...

  • Sarah Coventry Aurora Swirl Set
    $45.00 Sarah Coventry Aurora Swirl Set
    This is a beautiful vintage Sarah Coventry demi parure set. The set, called Aurora Swirl dates from a catalog in 1962. It is a Goldtone bracelet measuring 1" by 7 1/8" long with a fold over clasp. The design are 5 1"swirls...

  • Avon Owl Pin
    $25.00 Avon Owl Pin
    This is an adorable little vintage owl brooch by Avon. The goldtone metal owl is set with garnet colored cabachon eyes. He measures 42mm x 20mm. He is in excellent shape.

  • B.N. Orchid Earrings
    $25.00 B.N. Orchid Earrings
    This is a beautiful pair of vintage screwback earrings by B.N. They are a silvertone metal set with a amethyst rhinestone. They measure 30mm x 25mm. They are in excellent shape.

  • Jomaz Walrus Pin
    $25.00 Jomaz Walrus Pin
    This is a cute little vintage walrus pin by Joomaz. It is only signed with the design number A888. The size is 1 3/4 x 1 3/8". He is in great shape with a small amount of wear to the white enamel on his tusks. This piece is...

  • Whiting and Davis Cameo Earrings
    $35.00 Whiting and Davis Cameo Earrings
    These are beautiful Whiting and Davis Co. Intaglio cameo clip earrings. The clear glass is reversed carved from the back in the profile of a cameo silhouette. The cameos are set into a silvertone metal filigree design. They...

  • Boucher Gold Rose Brooch
    $45.00 Boucher Gold Rose Brooch
    This is one of Boucher's vintage flower pins. The rose is marked with both the Boucher name, Rose, as well as the style number B71P. So with 3 different marks this pin is well documented. The gold rose is set with a single...

  • Oleet GOP Elephant Pin
    $45.00 Oleet GOP Elephant Pin
    This pin is referred to in many books as the GOP pin. Oleet was famous for making poltical pins for both parties. I have even seen pins with Nixon written inside the elephant. The elephant is pave set with AB rhinestones. He...

  • BSK Gold Leaf Demi Parure
    $65.00 BSK Gold Leaf Demi Parure
    What a fun set from BSK. I've always liked thier pieces and have quite a few in my personal collection. This set does have a slight 'paisley' look to it...which mught explain why I like it so much. The large leaf brooch...

  • Tortolani Pearl and Pewter parure
    $125.00 Choose Options Tortolani Pearl and Pewter parure
    What a cool vintage parure. This 3 piece set consists of a bracelet, brooch, and matching clip earrings. The set is a pewter colored metal set with pearls and clear rhinestones. It is in excelent shape. The bracelet measures...

  • Rhinestone Kitty Pin
    $55.00 Rhinestone Kitty Pin
    This is the cutest little vintage kitty pin. While it looks like the famous Dodds cat pin, it doesn't appear to be one. Dodds pins should have glue set rhinestones, and this pin hs prong set stones. The kitty has a smokey...

  • Coro Carved Shell Cameo Pin
    $45.00 Choose Options Coro Carved Shell Cameo Pin
    This is a cute handcarved shell cameo by Coro. It measures 1.25 x 1 inches. The cameo is set in a goldtone metal and is marked Coro twice on the back, once with the Pegasus.

  • Pink Poodle Rhinestone Pin
    $45.00 Pink Poodle Rhinestone Pin
    This cute little vintage pin is sure to get some attention. The pink poodle is set with AB rhinestones and plays with a blue faux moonstone ball. The pin is in excellent shape with very minor wear to a few areas of the...

  • German Enamel Butterfly Brooch
    $45.00 German Enamel Butterfly Brooch
    This is a beautiful vintage butterfly pin. It measures 2.25 inches at it's widest. The pin is very lightweight and easy to wear. The metal brooch is colored with white, green, and blue enamel.

  • Accessocraft Gold Cross
    $35.00 Accessocraft Gold Cross
    This is a fantastic vintage brooch from Accessocraft. It also has a pendant bail at the top, so it can e worn 2 ways. The goldtone metal is set with faux carnelian stones. The pin measures 2.75 inches. It is inexceleent...